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Recovery Road Online fellowship started when two compulsive gamblers, both in recovery, met through video technology that allowed people to meet and share recovery from anywhere on the globe. They quickly became friends and shared a dream of organizing and building a community for the many varied sites that were conducting meetings using this application.

Shortly thereafter, a newer member had become quite active in these meetings and observed the chaos of numerous rooms and formats. Wondering how they might unite together, it turned out that all three possessed the exact same vision. They began discussing the possibility of creating a cohesive and inviting neighborhood for those attending these meetings. Seeds, previously planted, for this innovative fellowship were thus watered.

Late one evening one of these three was having a conversation with another active member after a meeting. Sharing about the excitement of getting a fellow suffering gambler into a meeting in under 10 minutes. That ignited their vision to offer the compulsive gambler immediate support to find a meeting and provide instant connections with other recovering compulsive gamblers who had also suffered.

The speed of connecting that person to a meeting, become their primary purpose. They aspired to have meetings available every hour and to quickly guide the new person into a meeting in a group or private setting with available members.

Recovery Road Online is not affiliated with any group or organization but our program is based on the original principles and traditions of successfully founded Twelve Step Programs.





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