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Has Your Life Been Affected By Someone With A Gambling Problem?

The gambling problem generally affects the people living with the problem gambler. But too often, the family member, friend, or significant other suffers in silence, without the knowledge or understanding of the illness, usually referred to as compulsive gambling. Thankfully, today, there is help for you.

Recovery Road Online Family Group was established six months after the original fellowship, due to the overwhelming and continuing problems that family and friends of the compulsive gambler were experiencing. Support is now available through our private Facebook Group and attending combined online meetings with the compulsive gambler and those who have been affected by someone with a gambling problem.

We are an online recovery program with no dues or fees, conducting 12-Step meetings, and offering original and additional resources for help in dealing with the compulsive gambler and learning to live in recovery. We provide connections with others going through similar situations.

Has your life been affected by someone with a gambling problem? We invite you to learn about the effects and get help for yourself. You are not alone. There are many that understand the hurt, the pain, and the despair, but there is hope. Please join us now.



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